Do you need a workers comp lawyer in Lighthouse Point Florida? Here’s how we can help you. Accidents in the workplace are unavoidable and more common than you can imagine. From paper cuts to a broken spine, the extent of work-related injuries can vary significantly. No matter how tight the safety measures are, some things are just beyond your control.

According to the United States Department of Labor, there were a total of 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries reported across the country in 2017 alone. Meanwhile, fatal work injuries claimed 5,147 lives that same year with 299 of them recorded in Florida.

To protect both the employee and the employer from unexpected costs arising from incidents like this, the Florida Workers Compensation System was instituted. It requires certain businesses to maintain a workers’ compensation policy with private insurance companies licensed by the state.


When employees suffer injuries or acquire illnesses in the course of performing their duties, they can claim workers’ compensation benefits out of that policy. These benefits include reimbursements for hospital and other medical bills, lost wages and disability payments. If the employee dies within a year of the accident or five years of continued disability, survivors can claim for funeral expenses, education benefits and compensation benefits to dependents.

This is where our team of workers’ compensation lawyers in Lighthouse Point Florida enter the picture. We can help you recover compensation for injuries and illnesses acquired in the workplace including any other benefits as provided by law. The thousands of workers compensation claims we’ve won in the past decades attests to our dedication in fighting for employee rights and privileges in Florida.

Aside from guiding you throughout the entire process, our services also include among others: