Cuts and Lacerations


Cuts and lacerations are one of the most common workplace accidents in the US. That’s why it’s commonly shrugged off by most employers. If your workers compensation claim gets denied because your employer thinks your wound is not that serious, call our office immediately. Victor Malca, our preeminent lawyer has more than 23 years of experience helping injured workers in Florida and he can help you too.

From a medical point of view, cuts and lacerations refer to a wound that separates the skin. Deep cuts can damage the connective tissues underneath the skin too.  Lacerations can also mean a torn or jagged wound. Cuts and lacerations are mostly caused by a sharp object.

In the workplace, getting cuts and lacerations are sometimes inevitable. An exposed nail, shards of broken glass or the improper use of machinery can be a catalyst for deep lacerations. No lines of work are especially prone to this type of accident. Every workplace has its own hazard.

Skin deep cuts usually just heal on their own in a few days. But some lacerations can prove to be fatal. When the sharp object penetrated too deep, it can damage major nerves and cause excessive bleeding. When left untreated, this can lead to loss of blood and consequently, cardiac arrest.

Some lacerations can leave permanent marks on a person. And no, we’re not just talking about scars. Some cuts can go so deep as to affect the ligaments and muscles causing various disabilities. It can also cause temporary impairment which prevents employees from going back to work for a time.

Injured workers also have to contend with the ever-present threat of developing an infection. And we all know infections can lead to a host of other health complications.

Can You Claim For Workers Compensation Benefits?

Under Florida law, the employer must pay compensation benefits to employees who suffered from an accidental injury in the course of doing their job. It doesn’t matter by whose fault the accident happened. As long as it happened while you’re doing your job.

After you’ve been cut or lacerated, your employer or insurance company should provide for professional medical services from it’s accredited provider. Unfortunately, to avoid paying compensation, many employers and insurance companies would have you purposely misdiagnosed. After your wound is sutured, you’ll just be given a lot of pain relievers and told to go back to work. They won’t dig deep to see if the injury has any lasting effects.

If you are going to fight for the workers compensation benefits you are legally entitled to, it would be an uphill battle. Your employer will surely have their own legal team bent on disproving your claim. It would, therefore, make sense to have an experienced workers compensation lawyer like Victor Malca by your side too.

He has provided legal assistance to hundreds of workers in Florida for more than two decades. Those he’s helped can attest that he personally goes out of his way to know the ins and outs of his client’s condition. His expertise and years of experience would play well to your advantage.

Compensation You Might Be Entitled To Receive

If you are working in Florida, you can expect for medical benefits and lost wages compensation depending on the severity of your injury.

Medical Benefits

If you suffered from cuts and lacerations, you can reasonably expect to receive medical benefits from your employer or insurance carrier. This includes the necessary medical treatment and care until you make a full recovery. You are also entitled to medicines, medical supplies, and other medical apparatus as may be needed.

Lost Wages Compensation

If your wound resulted in you not being able to work for days, you can claim for a lost wages compensation. The amount usually depends on how the cut or laceration impacted your ability to work.

Get in touch with us to know more about how much compensation benefits you can reasonably expect.

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How We Can Help

Victor Malca Law P.A. is one of the leading legal service providers in Florida when it comes to workers compensation. Throughout his 23-year career, Victor Malca has represented and won hundreds of workers compensation cases.

As one of the most trusted workers compensation lawyer in the state, Victor Malca can guide you throughout the entire process. He can help you negotiate for a reasonable workers compensation amount. His experience and expertise make him the best person to represent you in court should your employer deny your compensation claim. Call us now for a free consultation.