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The term “shoulder injury” encompasses a wide range of medical conditions in your shoulder and lower neck area. Most shoulder problems usually stem from everyday wear and tear due to overuse. Sometimes, its caused by a workplace accident.

It doesn’t only cause you extreme discomfort but may affect your ability to earn a living too. Not to mention the medical bills you’ll have to pay for. Thankfully, Florida law states that you are legally entitled to a workers compensation benefits if you’ve suffered from a shoulder injury while doing your job.

But getting the benefits you rightfully deserve won’t be easy. Employers and insurance companies don’t like paying for workers comp benefits. Some employers are known for routinely denying workers comp benefits. Others even go as far as threatening to fire injured employees if they file for workers comp benefits.

If this happened to you, the best thing to do would be to seek legal help. Talk to an experienced workers compensation attorney like Victor Malca. He had been helping injured workers fight for their rights for more than 23 years. This means that he knows the ins and outs of the state’s workers compensation law. He can help you get the benefits that are rightfully yours. Talk to us now for a free consultation.

Signs of a Shoulder Injury

Our shoulders are composed of bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Any damage to them can cause varying levels of pain. Since most shoulder injuries develop over time, it can be hard to tell when it exactly started. Or if you are already suffering from it. Here are some of the symptoms of a shoulder injury:

  • pains and spasms that gets worse when you move your shoulder
  • stiffness or inability to move the shoulder
  • numbness or tingling in your shoulder or lower neck area
  • your shoulder is too weak that it affects your daily activities

Who Are Prone to Work-Related Shoulder Injuries?

In some industries and job types, getting a shoulder injury is almost inevitable. Workers who are at great risk to this type of injury are those engaged in:

  • assembly
  • sorting
  • construction
  • loading and unloading of heavy objects
  • product stocking
  • typing

Other employees with jobs that involve heavy lifting and routine work are prone to shoulder injuries too.

Shoulder Injuries Covered by Workers Comp Benefits

By law, all work-related injuries are covered by workers compensation benefits. This includes all shoulder injuries as long as you can prove that it is caused by the nature of your job or a workplace injury. Some of the most commonly reported shoulder injuries in the US are:

  • bursitis
  • tendinitis
  • shoulder fractures
  • rotator cuff tears
  • dislocation
  • frozen shoulders
  • soft tissue injuries
  • bicep tendon tears
  • impingement
  • shoulder sprains and strains

The state of Florida implements a no-fault policy for work-related accidents. This means that it doesn’t matter whose fault the accident is as long as it happened in the workplace.

Workers Compensation Benefits You Can Claim

If you’ve suffered from a shoulder injury at work, your employer should be able to provide you with medical benefits. Inform your employer immediately once you feel the symptoms. The employer or insurance company should refer you to an accredited medical professional. Don’t go to your personal doctor or you’ll risk losing your workers comp claim.

For injuries like this, time is also of the essence. The law says that you should report injuries two years after it happened or when you’ve known about it. Your employer can also use this time prescription to deny your workers compensation benefits.

Aside from the medical benefits, you are also entitled to lost wages compensation. The amount of which depends on how much the injury affected your ability to earn a living. Here are the four disability benefits you can apply for:

  • Temporary partial disability
  • Permanent partial disability
  • Temporary total disability
  • Permanent total disability

To know which of these applies to your case, you can visit our office or get in touch with us through phone or email.

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