Catastrophic Injury


Workers doing dangerous jobs, at risk of injury.

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With more than 23 years of experience behind him, our experienced workers compensation lawyer has handled hundreds of catastrophic injury cases. Those he’s helped can attest that he personally goes out of his way to know the ins and outs of his client’s medical condition. So you can be assured that you’re in good hands.

What is a catastrophic injury?

In legal terms, a catastrophic injury is a severe trauma that affects the spine, spinal cord or brain. It can include skull or spinal fractures. But the most common types of catastrophic injury are:

  • head injury
  • brain trauma
  • spine and spinal cord injuries
  • severe burns
  • accidental amputation
  • neurological disorders
  • disfigurement
  • multiple fractures
  • severe organ damage

Most of those who suffer from a catastrophic injury don’t fully recover and would need lifetime medical care. As a result, their employment options are severely limited. In worse cases, they will never be able to do any type of work again. Thus getting the workers compensation benefits they are entitled to, is a great help.
Unfortunately, employers and insurance companies don’t like to pay for workers compensation benefits. Or even provide the injured workers with proper medical care. Sadly, injured workers in Florida don’t have much option when it comes to their medical care providers.
The state’s law requires treating physicians to be accredited by the insurance company. And most of the time they’ll use this to delay or deny necessary medical procedures that the injured worker badly needs. That’s why knowing your rights and getting legal help from an expert workers compensation lawyer like Victor Malca is essential.

How Much Can You Claim for A Catastrophic Injury?

In Florida, the amount of workers compensation benefits usually depend on how severe and how it affects an employee’s capacity to work. In general, benefits for catastrophic injuries includes medical treatments and compensation for lost wages. Medical benefits include:

  • remedial treatment
  • standard medical care
  • medicines and medical supplies
  • orthosis and prostheses
  • pain-management programs

For lost wages compensation, an injured employee has four options: temporary partial disability, temporary total disability, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability. The amount they’re entitled to is usually computed based on their average weekly wage from before the accident. If they’re still able to go to work but are earning less than before, the difference between their previous and current wage can also be used as a basis for computation.

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