How to Track Your Workers Comp Check: A Quick Guide

For some people, getting injured at work can be financially crippling. With the bills mounting, getting your workers comp check on time is absolutely important. That’s why it can be really annoying when your workers comp check is late.

Unfortunately, tracking your worker’s comp check may not be that easy.

While some states have online facilities that let you track your workers comp check, most of the country doesn’t. In addition, workers comp checks are typically mailed. So you can just imagine how many times it changed hands before it reaches your mailbox.

If you want to know where your money is right now, here’s a quick guide on how to track your workers comp check.

When Should You Receive Your Workers Comp Check?

Florida statutes require that you receive your first workers comp check within 21 days after reporting your injury. Provided, of course, that your claim is approved immediately. If your insurance provider denies your claim, the appeals process can take months or even years.

However, if you’ve already received a benefit check before, you should get it once every two weeks. Though it may not always arrive on the same day.

For instance, if you received your check two weeks ago on a Wednesday, this week, it may arrive on a Monday or a Friday. Even if your insurance provider sends it on the same day every two weeks, the post office may not keep to the same schedule.

Why Workers Comp Checks Get Delayed

There are a lot of reasons why your workers comp check gets delayed. The most common ones are:

1. Clerical Error

With so many claims to process every single day, the insurance staff are bound to make clerical errors at some point. And fixing those mistakes can delay your benefit check.

2. Your Workers Comp Adjuster Has Changed

Each claimant is assigned a specific workers comp claims adjuster. But let’s not forget that claims adjusters are employees too. If they resign or go on a long break, turning over the responsibilities can take time. Obviously, this can also affect your payment schedule.

3. Your Personal Details Have Changed

Changes in your personal details like your name or address can also delay your workers comp check. For one, the insurance company may have used your old name while printing the check. They may need to cancel it and issue another one. Your mailman will most likely have a hard time finding you too. All of these will delay your check even further.

4. You Moved

If you moved and haven’t informed your insurance provider, your check is still addressed to your old home. As such, it’s most likely still sitting in your old mailbox.

5. The Mail is Delayed

It’s not exactly a secret that the post office is not the most reliable of services. Bad weather, federal holidays, and any untoward incidents can all delay your workers comp check.

6. The Insurance Carrier Stopped Your Benefits

In some cases, a delayed workers comp check isn’t just delayed. It’s not arriving anymore because your insurance carrier stopped your benefits.

There are several reasons why workers comp benefits can get stopped including:

  • the insurance carrier suspects you of fraud
  • you already reached maximum medical improvement (MMI)
  • you’re already back at work
An example of a workers compensation check.

How to Track Your Workers Comp Check

As mentioned, some states have an online tracking system for workers comp benefits. Here’s how to track your workers comp check if your state doesn’t have one:

1. Talk to Your Claims Adjuster

The first thing you need to do is to talk to your claims adjuster. They are the ones who process your claim and prepare your check. So if there’s anyone you should ask about your check, they should be the ones high up on your list.

But when talking to your claims adjuster, remember that they are still the ones in charge of your money. They can make the process more difficult for you if they want. So make sure to keep your calm and avoid making any rude remarks.

Besides, claims adjusters are very busy people. Most of them handle hundreds of cases at any given time. So they most likely won’t appreciate you calling them every hour or so.

2. Check with the Bank or Post Office

If your claims adjuster confirmed that they’ve already mailed your check, the next stop for you is (obviously) the post office. Letters and packages routinely get lost in the mail. So if your check had already been sent but still hasn’t arrived, there’s a good chance the post office lost it.

Though, as I mentioned, there are lots of factors that can delay a mail. Maybe the vehicle carrying your check has broken down or the roads have become unpassable because of the snow. Before you get all worked up, check with your post office first to see what really happened.

If your insurance carrier allows direct deposits, you may need to check your bank. Maybe there was just an error that prevented them from crediting money to your account. Or maybe you had an overdraft and your account was closed. Either way, you need to talk to them and ask what happened to your money.

3. Check Your Previous Home’s Mailbox (If You Moved)

As mentioned, if you moved and didn’t inform your insurance carrier, your check will still be delivered to your old address. So if you haven’t received it yet, make sure to check your old home’s mailbox or your former landlord. The check may just be there waiting for you.

What to Do If You Did Not Receive Your Workers Comp Check

If you didn’t receive your check, you can ask the insurance company to issue a new one. But before you do so, make sure that you’ve already exhausted all possible avenues to track down your check.

You see, if you request for a replacement too early and your check arrives, you won’t be able to encash that check. Then you’ll have to wait for a few more weeks to get the replacement check. In short, you’ll only extend your waiting period.

However, if the delay is intentional or your insurance carrier stops your benefit payments for unclear reasons, you should talk to an experienced workers comp lawyer like Victor Malca. He has already helped thousands of injured workers in Florida get the benefits they rightfully deserve. He can help you too. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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