What is a Workers Compensation Hearing in Florida Like?

In Florida, filing for workers comp benefits can be an exhausting process. The insurance company will have to evaluate your claim before offering a settlement amount. That is if you’re lucky. Most of the time, your workers comp claim will just be outrightly denied.

But when both parties fail to reach a settlement or the claim is denied, the case is then taken to court. A pre-trial hearing will then be scheduled. The notice should be communicated to all parties at least 14 days before the hearing.

A pre-trial hearing is different from the final hearing. Its purpose is to clear up any administrative issues that can be handled before the trial. This helps all parties focus on the real legal issues during the final hearing.

One of the greatest mistakes most injured workers make is going through the workers compensation process without seeking legal help. They usually end up compromising their chances, especially during the final hearing. 

Hiring an expert workers compensation lawyer like Victor Malca would greatly help your cause. He’s been helping injured workers for more than 23 years. His knowledge and experience make him the best person to represent your case.

So what can you expect during your workers compensation final hearing? Read on to find out.

Where Does The Hearing Take Place?

Workers comp hearings in Florida are held in a courtroom of the Office of the Judges of Compensation Claims. They have set-up districts all over the state. So if you’re scheduled for a hearing, look up which county has jurisdiction over the place where the injury happened.

Who Are The Parties Present?

Aside from your workers comp attorney, a legal representative of your employer or insurance company will also be there. Of course, the administrative law judge will be present too. Any witnesses who will prove or refute your claim will be called in to testify too.

What Happens During a Workers Compensation Hearing?

Final workers comp hearings commonly last from two to four hours. It’s a formal proceeding where all parties are sworn-in. Your workers comp attorney will then present evidence supporting your claim. Witnesses will be questioned and the evidence examined.

Your employer or insurance company’s lawyer will also make their argument. Evidence and witnesses disproving your claim will be presented too.

The ruling judge will listen to both sides, inspect the pieces of evidence and rule any objections.

When Can I Expect a Decision?

Workers compensation judges typically release a decision at the conclusion of the final hearing. But with complicated cases, it can take longer. Your workers comp attorney can usually tell you when you can expect a decision.

How to Prepare For Your Workers Comp Hearing

The most effective preparation for a workers comp hearing is having an expert workers comp lawyer.

Victor Malca Law, P.A. is one of the most trusted names for workers compensation cases in Florida. We will help you throughout the entire process. From gathering the necessary pieces of evidence to winning your case in court, we got your back.

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