How To Tell If Your Lawyer is Good

Choosing the right attorney is a hard one. You’re not only trusting them to represent you in court, but you’re also trusting them to do everything in their power to help you win.

With so many attorneys out there (over 350,000 in the US alone), how do you know if you already have a good lawyer? Here are a few signs of a good lawyer than can save yourself from getting a bad one.

Does Not Make Promises

A good lawyer doesn’t make promises but instead will give you an idea of what to expect from your case. Whether if you have a high chance of winning the case or not, your lawyer should tell you that.

A great lawyer knows that they can’t predict outcomes. So if your lawyer promises you that you’ll win the case, they’re more likely just after your money.


One thing you should also consider is if your lawyer is efficient. Of course, they are usually are busy and handle more than one case at a time. But if you’re having a hard time getting in touch with your lawyer, or if you notice that you’re not on your lawyer’s best interest, then it’s not a good one.

Your attorney should be willing to put you always on top. A good attorney means they can manage all the cases even if they have tons of clients. If you can’t get a hold of them, then it’s time to choose a better lawyer.

Great Listener

A great lawyer is also an even better listener. You can sense if your lawyer doesn’t put an effort to listen to you. Your lawyer should understand your goals, and they should also be responsive.

You can tell if your lawyer is a great listener if they put effort into talking to you personally. A great listener lawyer will not have you meet with their secretaries. Even if they have lots of cases going on, your lawyer should also be considerate to meet you and discuss your case.

As a client, you should be your lawyer’s priority. If they lack interest in your case, then it’s not a good lawyer.

Clear About Fees Upfront

You should be cautious if a lawyer offers you price-drop charges. We all know that attorneys usually do not come cheap.

If your attorneys offer you rock-bottom prices, there’s a chance that there’s a hidden fee. If it doesn’t have any hidden costs, chances are, they’re not good, and they can’t win your case.

Might as well ask for reference who can prove that they work well.

Those were just a few signs to consider when looking for a good lawyer. However, even if they’re qualified, it’s still important to trust your gut. If you’re not comfortable to work with your lawyer, then keep looking.

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