How Long Does A Social Security Disability Review Take?

Social Security Disability reviews are common for people who are receiving disability benefits. It’s a normal process and people under disability usually get used to it.

However, receiving it for the first-time can get a little bit scary. You might wonder what is it for and how long does it takes. Keep reading to know why social security does a disability review, what is it, and how usually long it takes.

What Is A Social Security Disability Review?

A Disability Review is usually sent by Social Security to all disability recipients. The review is for them to determine your eligibility by finding out if your condition has improved or not. How long the review takes will depend on your medical condition and your ability to work.

Although it’s required for them to review your case from time to time, you are responsible to let the Social Security know your disability status.

When Will I Receive a Review and How Long Does it Takes?

As long as you’re disabled, your disability benefits should continue, so should the review. How long will it take and when you will receive it depends on the expectancy of your case to improve.

If your medical condition is expected to improve, expect to receive a review within 6 to 18 months after the start of your benefits.  While a possibility to improve but no guarantee receives a review no sooner than 3 years. The disability review for this case usually takes 1 to 3 months. 

However, if a medical improvement from you is not expected at all, then you can expect a review 7 years after receiving disability benefits. An FMR or full medical review is usually done with this and the review takes 3 to 5 months.

Will it Stop My Disability Benefits?

Most of the time it won’t, but it’s possible. It depends on your case.

There are two things that can stop your disability benefits.

First, if Social Security found out that your medical condition has improved and that you’re no longer considered disabled.

Second, if they found out that you can work at a level that they consider as “substantial”. If you can earn $1,220 or more per month, then they can discontinue your disability benefits.

Can I Ignore My Notice?

Now that you know that there’s a chance that your benefits may stop, you might think of ignoring your disability review notice. But that’s one thing you should never do.

Disregarding a review notice can result in losing your benefits. It’s much better to comply and undergo the review. There’s a great chance that your benefits will not discontinue.

Need Help?

If you believe that your benefits are denied by mistake, you should seek help with an Attorney to help you with your case.Victor Malca Law P.A., a social security disability attorney, is one of the trusted and experienced lawyers in Florida. We can help you fight for your rights and get the benefits that you deserve. Contact us and get a free consultation.

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